Saturday, 18. February 2017, Hong Kong, Copaze x 1013mm Auto Showoff 2017 HK

从 18. February 2017 - 22:00
直到 19. February 2017 - 0:00
357 参加的人
COPAZE x 1013MM Car Meet 2017 coming up on 18th February.

Well-known photographer 1013MM from Los Angeles, Super Street Magazine- a recognized US car magazine, InitialP will be taking amazing photos as well as video shooting the whole event.

Members or Non Members are welcome to attend with their exotic JDM's (Of course, European cars are more than welcome as well!). Car park fees will be $14 per hour, no extra cost will be charged for this event.

Come meet us for some rare cars , good company and great fun!!!! Let's keep update and follow us on our Copaze .

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