Monday, 01. July 2047, Hong Kong, 中英聯合聲明無效日 Declaration of Invalidity of Sino-British Joint Declaration

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"(十二) 關於中華人民共和國對香港的上述基本方針政策和本聯合聲明附件一對上述基本方針政策的具體說明,中華人民共和國全國人民代表大會將以中華人民共和國香港特別行政區基本法規定之,並在五十年內不變。"

"Those basic policies will be stipulated in a Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the PRC by the National People’s Congress and will remain unchanged for 50 years."


香港將會係呢一日正式納入中國常規領土,到時就係錦先。身為香港人嘅您終於正正式式成為百分百中國人; 您係米覺得好榮幸呢?? 唔想? 唔想就唔該你同我係呢30年(其實10年都未必有)內為香港, 為自由, 為民主, 為下一代, 為自己出分力!!

On this day, 1st July, 2047. Hong Kong is to officially become part of People's Republic of China(PRC). Any laws and institutions of HKSAR would be invalid and possibly replaced by PRC's law. Hong Kong would be directly under the rule of PRC.

中英聯合聲明無效日 Declaration of Invalidity of Sino-British Joint Declaration, Hong Kong 事件