Thursday, 19. January 2017, Taipei, TYCHO - Live in Taipei

2017年1月19日(四)在 Legacy Taipei,
Secret Sounds Asia 再度將電子音樂製作鬼才 Tycho 演出帶回台灣!

Tycho 是身兼臥房電子樂手、製作人、視覺設計的才子 Scott Hansen 的化名,發跡於美國舊金山。
繼 2015 年台北場的完售演出,Tycho 帶著全新專輯《Epoch》二度訪台,首次以樂團編制完整呈現。

11/4(五)中午12點 博客來售票網 準時開賣

TYCHO - Live in Taipei
地點|Legacy Taipei
票價|預售 NTD 1500 / 現場票 NTD 1800 / 限量四人套票 NTD 5600
主辦|Secret Sounds Asia
承辦|The Wall Music



Secret Sounds Asia are thrilled to be bringing back Tycho, one of electronic music’s most inventive and captivating acts, performing live at Legacy Taipei on Thursday, 19 January 2017.

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Tycho is best known as the musical alias of artist, producer and designer Scott Hansen. After a phenomenal sold-out debut show in Taipei in 2015, Tycho will be back with full live band set-up, performing tracks from his new release ‘Epoch’ in Taiwan for the first time.


NT.1500 (Advance)
NT.1800 (Door)
NT.5600 (Limited Group Package of 4 Tickets)

Tickets available from Friday 4 November, 12pm


For nearly a decade, Tycho has been known as the musical alias of Scott Hansen, a San Francisco, California-based ambient music artist and producer, also known as ISO50 for his photographic and design works. With the release of Awake – his second LP for Ghostly International – the solo project has evolved into a three-piece band. Reaching an entire new realm of sonic possibilities this time out, Awake is situated in the present, reaching Hansen’s vision of Tycho like never before. “This is, in many ways, the first true Tycho record.”

It was around 2008 that URB magazine noted Tycho as one of the Next 100 artists to watch, and Hansen continued to release singles and experiment with more live instrumentation. In 2011, his meticulous process saw the release of Dive, his debut full-length for Ghostly International. Tranquil, nostalgic and melodic, the record established him beyond the realm of IDM and ambient.

Following the release of Dive, Tycho toured extensively accompanied by a full band on stage, with his sound coalescing into a percussive, organic whole. Zac Brown (guitars, bass) continued to join Scott on the road, but it was the particular addition of Rory O’Connor’s live drumming that ultimately sent Hansen back to the studio with a more precise vision for what the future of what Tycho could be. “After the tour, I decided that I wanted to capture the more energetic, driven sound of the live show on the next album,” Hansen recalls. Bringing musicians into Tycho’s creative process was a step towards expanding his own songwriting and advancing the project beyond its current incarnation.

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