Saturday, 02. December 2017, Hang Hau, HK 168

从 02. December 2017 - 8:00
直到 03. December 2017 - 22:00
30 参加的人
HK 168 is in the mean time also a traditional ultra event in Hong Kong's New Territories. This one is centred around the Shing Mun Reservoir and has matured significantly in the past few years. The organiser, XTE, is active in several countries, but HK 168 is the biggest event on their schedule.

This is typical Hong Kong, including the famous steps.

For the Asia Trail Master championship, focus is on the 100 miles, 93k and 63k distances.
100 miles: 100 finisher points + 25 bonus points + max 400 performance points
93k: 100 finisher points + max 400 performance points
63k: 63 finisher points + max 200 performance points

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