Friday, 04. August 2017, Hong Kong, YourMum presents: Oh Wonder, Live in Hong Kong (SOLD OUT)

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YourMum presents: Oh Wonder, Live in Hong Kong
Debut Hong Kong show for the UK alt pop sensations on Aug 4th

For fans of: The **, James Blake, London Grammar & Clean Bandit

YourMum is thrilled to announce that UK alt pop sensations, Oh Wonder, will make their live Hong Kong debut with us on August 4th at KITEC MusicZone.

The London-based songwriting duo of Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht, built their global reputation by releasing one song per month online, culminating in their debut album ‘Oh Wonder’ in 2015. The project became the quintessential viral sensation, garnering millions of streams, successive #1 Hype Machine placings and turning on a generation of fans to their sensitive, layered, pop sensibilities. Oh Wonder are known for crafting irrepressibly mellow, slow-grooving, R&B-flecked lovelorn songs. Their trademark dual male-female vocals are cushioned by highly considered, spacious arrangements and sparse beats – an irresistible combination.

It is in the live setting, however, where the duo’s dynamics of production and songwriting transcend together on a whole new level. Performing with a full band, the classically trained multi-instrumentalists have stunned audiences all over the world with their engaging, endearing and expert shows.

With the highly anticipated new Oh Wonder album ‘Ultralife’ released in mid-July (with once more a slew of regular online releases preceding it), there is no better time to catch this special, enigmatic group play live in Hong Kong as they continue their fast rise to the top. Tickets across their Asian tour have sold out faster than fast, so we highly recommend local fans buy early to avoid disappointment!

Show details:

YourMum presents: Oh Wonder, Live in Hong Kong
Date: Aug 4th (Friday)
Venue: Music Zone, KITEC
Tickets: Standing HKD420 at

YourMum呈獻:Oh Wonder
大熱新晉Alt Pop二人組合 首次香港音樂會

YourMum為香港帶來大熱倫敦新晉Alt Pop二人組合Oh Wonder的首次香港音樂會。曲風乾淨清爽、男女聲部交纏的歌聲協調和諧,是一聽就會讓人愛上的聲音。音樂會將於2017年8月4日假九龍灣國際展貿中心MusicZone舉行。

Oh Wonder由Anthony West及Josephine Vander Gucht組成。2014年,他們開始每月在網絡上發行一首單曲,最終集結成深受樂迷喜愛的首張同名專輯《Oh Wonder》,並取得一致好評。優秀的創作、緩緩有致的節拍,歌詞流露個人的思緒和真摯的情感卻讓人毫無負擔,比起挖掘內心黑暗的情緒,歌聲更像是安靜溫柔的陪伴。持續釋出高質量的歌曲讓他們聲名大噪,累積超過百萬的點擊率及得到全球粉絲的追捧。

除了優質的作品,Oh Wonder的魅力更在於他們的現場魔法。男女成員默契十足,和聲跌宕有序,這次來港更帶來完整的陣容和製作,為樂迷呈現他們最精彩動人的現場演出。Oh Wonder將於7月中推出全球引頸而待的新專輯《Ultralife》,香港的觀眾必須把握機會,搶先欣賞他們讓人驚艷的現場魅力。


YourMum呈獻:Oh Wonder首次香港音樂會
場地:九龍灣國際展貿中心Music Zone
門票:港幣420元正(只設企位)現於 公開發售

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