Wednesday, 20. March 2019, lululemon pop-up store, lululemon community class: Sweat & Swig

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lululemon pop-up store

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To celebrate the opening of our new pop-up store in Pacific Place, join our lululemon IFC ambassadors, Jen Mackay and Brian Woo, for our very first Pacific Place community class. We'll be combining a HIIT circuit with some runs to challenge both your strength and endurance. Be prepared to make new friends and get up close and personal as we play around with partner drills. We'll finish off with a little mindful meditation before we bring on the beers.
Please arrive at our Pacific Place Pop Up (100A, L1) at 6:45pm for registration before we head out to our sweat venue together.
6:45pm Arrive at Pop-up for registration
7:00pm Let's get started! (run to venue)
8:00pm Wrap up sweat and stay on for beers and mingling

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